Free on Board (FOB)

The supplier must ensure the goods are loaded on the ship as part of the purchase price.

Cost and Freight (CFR)

The customer pays for the goods and the freight to the supplier, to the chosen destination port.

Ex Works (EXW)

The supplier delivers to an agreed place, typically their own warehouse.

Free Alongside Ship (FAS)

The Supplier delivers to the named port of shipment.

Cost of Insurance and Freight (CIF)

Supplier provides insurance and delivers to destination port.

Telegraph Transfer (T/T)

Paying for goods by international bank transfer.

Letter of Credit (L/C)

Paying for goods through a bank recognised letter of payment.

Quality Assurance (QA)

A process we use to ensure goods are fit for purpose.


Foreign Currency. Normally used in relation to buying or selling different currencies.

Minimum Order Requirements (MOQ)

Normally set by the supplier to ensure that production runs are profitable and worthwhile. Are generally negotiable.


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