Disposable Medical Supplies.

Our client was achieving growing success with NHS Tenders and sales into Hospitals across the country. The demand for their product and growth was apparent, but as a relatively new company they could not raise the finance they needed to support the sales and fuel their growth. The solution: The Import House supported this client by importing enough stock to allow six months of uninterrupted sales, and spread the repayments out over the same period.

This allowed our client to win valuable business. The next hurdle was to support an additional large order from the NHS. The Import House used the buyers credit worthiness as security to fund this order in addition to the other working capital provided and allowed our client to fulfil this crucial order, and subsequently continue to grow the business.

Not only did we provide the funding, but also the complete management of the order, including negotiations, full logistics and FX. Without The Import House, this business wouldn't have won those contracts and continued their steady growth into a bright and profitable future.

The Import house specialise in financial support via import order management from get go to project finish, Import contracts for both public & private bodies and much more. Our bespoke wholesale service really allowed Disposable Medical Supplies to work as they wanted, avoiding the often complicated and frustrating restrictions that importing & purchasing goods often brings.

High Growth Retail Sales

Our client saw a gap in the market in a new product range and began to realise a huge increase in online retail sales, month on month. With only a few years of filed accounts, they could not raise the working capital required to support this growth. The Import House identified the opportunity to support their planned growth, quickly understood the business model, and provided the working capital funding to allow them to make the purchases needed to grow the business. The Import House did all this whilst also managing the Chinese suppliers. National's like national's right? Here at The Import House we have established production chains in China and many other countries. Having this expert local knowledge allows us to import goods from China with minimal hassle; we efficiently source your products and speed up the import process. The Import House went on further to provide introductions to a Private Equity Firm to allow our client to truly realise their growth potential. You could say we like to go the extra mile.

Innovative New Pet Brand Range

Our client invented an innovative new product for the ever expanding Pet Industry, based in the UK. They took this idea to the Dragons Den and were offered an investment. Ultimately, they decided to retain full ownership of their company and came to The Import House with their growth ambitions. We could see the already great track history, quickly understood their model and the funding gap.

Using our proven supplier base, we identified one of our Chinese Suppliers that was best placed to manufacture their product and could be completely trusted. We have now removed all the previous quality issues and our client enjoys six months' worth of stock delivered to their premises, with 365-day payment terms. They are growing rapidly as a direct result of our involvement; we take great pride in seeing a business blossom due to our assistance.


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