We love to help our clients make their businesses successful. When importing, our growing clients sometimes find the minimum order quantity for their imports is out of reach. Simply put; they can not afford to have such a large amount of cash out of pocket for so long. It would seem that importing was simply beyond their abilities.

Not with our Bespoke Wholesale Service. Our clients who enjoy this service provide us with an annual estimate of their product sales, and The Import House purchases and stores the imported goods on their behalf. The delivered price is a little higher, but this covers warehousing and the finance fees to cover the purchase. There are no additional charges aside from the delivery of shipments from our warehouse to the client – and we have our own dedicated delivery vehicles to ensure the very best price.

This is a really exciting service for The Import House. We can now offer the financial benefits of importing to a much broader range of clients, and watch as those clients grow their businesses through an uninterrupted supply of product, at a price that is so much more profitable than buying from UK wholesalers.



The fees for the Bespoke Wholesale service are relative to our standard fees, but we also have to factor in the base cost of warehousing and financing the product purchase. Still, all of our clients who currently enjoy this service are purchasing their products at a significantly reduced amount, compared to buying from UK wholesalers.


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